Fresno State University

Fresno State University

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California State University at Fresno was founded as Fresno State Normal School, in 1911.The university, popularly known as Fresno State, is located at the northeast edge of Fresno, California.The university sits at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains on a 388-acre main campus. The 1,000-acre University Farm is also located there.In 1921, Fresno State became a teacher's college, and since 1949, it has offered advanced degrees in various disciplines.It offers both the undergraduate and graduate level academic programs in such areas as African studies, agricultural education, biology, engineering, interior design, nursing, plant science, recreation administration, social work, theatre arts and viticulture.Fresno State University has 10 colleges, including the College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Health and Human Services, Science and Math, and Social Sciences.They also offer certificate programs and small summer sessions.The university is accredited by the California Board of Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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