Running a School: Resources for Administrators

Running a School: Resources for Administrators

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Running a school isn't easy, but you can take advantage of helpful advice from some of the private school veterans who know the business. Check out these tips for everyone who works to keep a private school running behind the scenes: the head of school, academic deans, student life deans, development offices, admission offices, marketing departments, business managers and other support staff.

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Marketing Plans for Schools

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The times are changing, and for many schools, it means the introduction of full-service marketing departments. Gone are the days of a quick newsletter and a few website updates. Instead, schools are faced with declining demographics, competitive marketplaces, and 24/7 communication methods. From social media marketing and email strategies to dynamic websites and search engine optimization, the expectations of schools are growing daily. Even if you're just starting, you need to have clear directions, and a marketing plan is a great first step. This all-inclusive blog will walk you through the basics of a marketing plan and how to get started. You'll even find examples of a marketing plan for schools.

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Difference Between Private and Independent Schools?

Cheshire Academy

Not many people truly understand the difference between a private school and an independent school. This is one definition that every school administrator should know by heart, though.

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Consultants & Services

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Think of this page as your virtual Rolodex! Dozens of firms and individuals are eager to help you with every aspect of running your school. Whether you are planning a new building or need help with hiring a new head of school, you will find the contacts you need here.

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Financial Management

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Whether you are trying to reduce your energy costs or managing your endowment, finances are a never ending source of concern. These resources will give you access to information and ideas which will make your job a bit easier.

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For Administrators

Administrators. Andersen Ross/Getty Images

Running a school involves careful attention to a whole host of issues, reporting requirements and deadlines. Topics covered here include diversity, fund raising, financial management, school safety, public relations, hiring practices and much more.

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For Heads Only

Boardroom. Photo (c) Nick Cowie

It is lonely at the top. Being a head of school is not like it used to be even a decade ago. There are so many different constituencies to keep happy and moving forward. Sometimes you feel as though you are walking through a minefield with this public relations nightmare lurking on the left and the performance of your capital drive hiding on the right. Add to that a nosy journalist or two and a few disgruntled employees, and it's enough to make you wish you had never left the classroom. Fear not! Help is at hand! These resources will help you deal with the many and varied items on your plate.

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Professional Associations

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Staying in touch, keeping your network current and developing new contacts is all part of a busy administrator's work. These resources enable you to find the help and advice you need to run your school efficiently.

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Finding goods and services at prices your school can afford is every business manager's constant mission. The demands on your financial resources are never ending. This virtual Rolodex will help keep that aspect of your job organized.

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Sustainable Schools

Windmills. David Canalejo

A sustainable school is much more than a 'green' school. It involves basic questions about marketing and where your customer base comes from as well. Find the resources and ideas you need to create a community which respects our finite resources.

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Why Do Private Schools Ask for Donations?

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As non-profit institutions, private schools rely on tuition dollars and charitable giving from alumni and parents to keep the school running. Learn more about donations to private schools here.

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How to Start a Private School

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It's a competitive market out there, and some schools are struggling. But, in certain areas, it may be the perfect time to start a brand new private school. Check out this article on determining if it's the right move to build a new private school, and if so, how to get started.